Beverly, Right Here

Over vacation, I was delighted to find the third companion book to Raymie Nightingale and Louisiana’s Way Home by Kate DiCamillo.

Beverly, Right Here starts right near the end of Louisiana’s Way Home and Beverly is mourning the loss of her dog, and that her friend, Louisiana, has moved away.

Impulsively, she decides to run away from home. Her mom probably wouldn’t miss her anyway. So she hitches a ride with a cousin, who she really doesn’t like, and ends up somewhere other than home.

She wants to be a loner. By herself. Forge her own way.

Except. She needs a job. And a place to sleep.

And Iola needs someone to drive her to Bingo. And she’s lonely.

And somehow, Iola and Beverly become friends. And before she knows it, she has a family of sorts. Elmer. Doris. Charles. Maybe even her boss, Mr. Denby.

And Beverly learns that depending on people, and having people depend on you, is not so bad.

I read DiCamillo’s books over and over again – amazed by how simply she writes about profound topics. And how short books can move me so deeply.

Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

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