My Brother Sam is Dead

Tim loves his big brother, Sam. He knows Sam is smart, brave and always knows the right thing to do.

Then Sam enlists in the Revolutionary Army, against the wishes of Tim and Sam’s father, who is loyal to the king.

Tim is torn between love for his father and brother. How can he choose between them? For awhile, Tim tries to straddle the fence, helping his brother secretly, while also publicly working hard with his parents to run the family tavern.

When disaster strikes during a supply run, Tim realizes he needs to follow his father’s example instead of his brother’s. He manages to get the supplies back to the tavern on his own and he and his mother keep it running on their own.

Brothers James Lincoln and Christopher Collier have written a gripping Revolutionary War novel in My Brother Sam Is Dead. This Newbery Honor Book is helpful in understanding what the average person experienced during the war.

Highly recommended for ages 11 and up.

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