The Worst Night Ever

I’m a big Dave Barry fan. He’s got a great sense of humor and I’ve welcomed his fairly recent foray into middle grade fiction.

The Worst Night Ever is a sequel to The Worst Class Trip Ever, although you don’t have to read the class trip book first to read this one. I enjoyed this book, though it’s not quite as funny as the first.

We listened to it on a road trip and at one point my daughter turned it off, saying “If I want to sleep tonight I cannot listen to any more.” Admittedly it was a rather gross description of how ferocious African ants kill cattle, but it was pretty much done when she turned it off.

If you’re squeamish about insects, Komodo Dragons or other dangerous animals, you’ll want to skip this book. It’s not bad, but definitely written for middle grade boys who like that kind of thing. The crazy capers of Wyatt Palmer, now a freshman, seem a little more outlandish than the first book, but still funny.

Recommended for ages 9 and up – with the above caveats.

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