The Secret of Nightingale Wood

I cannot stop thinking about this book, The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange.

I picked it up because of its beautiful cover and interesting description. Plus I enjoy reading debut novels, which this is for Strange.

Henrietta’s family is going through a major crisis. Her mother is sick. Her father suddenly left the country for business. The only ones left in the house they’ve just moved into are Hen, Nanny Jane and Baby Piglet (Roberta, really).

Hen’s mother is there, but the doctor has locked her in her room. For safety, he says.

Hen is determined to see her mother, in defiance of the doctor. When not trying to figure out ways into her mother’s room, Hen explores the house, the grounds, the woods. And she reads and reads. And reads. And sometimes, she wonders where her nightmares stop and her life begins.

Hen’s story is about courage, friendship and love. It’s about recognizing when you need to stand up and speak truth even if no one will listen. It’s about knowing when to act and when to ask for help. And it’s about the importance of family, of friends, of grieving.

Highly recommended for ages 10 & up.

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