Children and teens sometimes wrestle with the question of courage - what does it mean to be courageous? How can I have courage when I'm so scared? Hobie Hansen constantly asks himself those questions, especially since his dad is courageously fighting in World War II.  He finds great comfort in his dog Duke, who accompanies... Continue Reading →

The Boy on the Wooden Box

If you have seen Schindler's List, you will know the basic story of The Boy on the Wooden Box by Leon Leyson. Leyson was the youngest boy Schindler was able to save from the Nazi killing machine.  He relates his story of growing up in rural Poland, moving to the big city after his father... Continue Reading →

Soldier’s Heart

The newspapers today are full of stories of soldiers struggling to re-adapt to civilian life, living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among other things.  It made me ask the question - what about the soldiers of the past?  Did veterans of World War I or II suffer from similar issues?  What about those who fought... Continue Reading →

The Mapmaker’s Sons

Tom Hawkins does not remember his parents.  He feels compelled to climb around the buildings at his boarding school in England - especially on stormy nights. One night, as he climbs to the school's bell tower, he runs into trouble. He's not sure what kind of trouble, exactly, which makes it worse.  Men in black... Continue Reading →

The Golden Goblet

Ranofer dreams of becoming a goldsmith in Ancient Egypt.  He was well on his way to becoming one too, until his father died. Now Ranofer lives with his truly awful half brother, and instead being apprenticed to a goldsmith, works as a laborer in a goldsmith's shop. He dreams of changing his destiny, but cannot... Continue Reading →

Squire’s Tale

If you have only heard of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but haven't read any of their stories, please do!  You don't need to read the original stories in the ancient English.  Gerald Morris has done a great job of retelling the old stories for modern ears. The stories are a... Continue Reading →

Emily’s Fortune

Emily lives a very quiet life.  She never runs, never shouts, and hardly plays.  She lives with her mother and the wealthy Miss Luella Nash, who doesn't like noise at all. But then, Emily finds herself alone in the world, after a horrible carriage accident.  And suddenly, everyone wants to make decisions for her -... Continue Reading →

Tree Castle Island

Jack Hawkins loves the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia. He loves hanging out with Uncle Hamp, away from the bustle of his home in Atlanta, learning the ways of the swamp and exploring it on his own. He's even made his own canvas canoe, and takes it exploring in the swamp. Soon, things go wrong.... Continue Reading →

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