The Minstrel in the Tower

Both boys and girls will enjoy this short story set in Medieval times, shortly after the Crusades.

Roger and Alice’s father left them when Roger was very young to fight in the Crusade.  Their mother keeps hoping that he will return, but it’s been many years, and Roger is sure he won’t see his father again.

Their mother becomes very ill, and charges Roger and Alice with finding her brother, who is apparently a powerful baron.  The only thing they have to prove their identity is a lute with the family arms carved in the back.

Roger and Alice set off, and almost immediately get lost and run into robbers.  They have to work together to escape and find their uncle.

My children have loved this book, and have wanted me to read the whole thing in one sitting.  It’s almost small enough to do so, if your reading time is about an hour or so.  Boys will enjoy the adventure that 11-year-old Roger has, and the problems he must, and does, solve.

This is an easy reader chapter book, so boys who can read at a third-grade level or above can read it on their own.  My 6th-grader reread it as soon as I put it on the shelf, so older children will enjoy the story, even if the vocabulary is simple for them.

Recommended for ages 6 and up (with a third-grade reading level).

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