The Jesus Storybook Bible

I firmly believe that every child should know the Bible.  The stories in the Bible form the foundation of much of Western thought and literature – plus there are just some great stories in the Bible.

Recently, a friend recommended The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  My children are a little old for this type of Bible, but I glanced through their copy. Then I ordered a copy of my own.

I love the way Lloyd-Jones writes in The Jesus Storybook Bible.  My daughter’s favorite part, so far, is the first story called “The Story and the Song.”  In it, Lloyd-Jones gives a big-picture overview of the Bible, before jumping into the actual stories.  She writes in an easy, conversational way that’s easy to read and understand.

However, I heartily recommend buying the deluxe version of the book, which comes with audio CDs of the whole book, read by David Suchet (of Hercule Poirot fame).  I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone read any book as well as Suchet reads The Jesus Storybook Bible. He reads with warmth, great pauses, speeding up where appropriate, chuckling at times.  I find myself drawn into each story as he reads it, feeling the emotions he conveys.

If you’re going to buy a storybook Bible, this one is the best one I’ve read.

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