That’s Not My…

My toddlers and preschoolers loved any one of the Usborne books that started with That’s Not My… .  We still have That’s Not My Train and That’s Not My Bunny, even though my kids have outgrown them.  They are fun books to have when my friend’s toddlers and preschoolers visit.

These sturdy books have wonderful textures and bright colors throughout.  The illustrations are large and simple, easy for the smallest reader to see and enjoy.

The story starts on the cover, each page revealing a different reason why the train or bunny isn’t the narrator’s.  If it’s too fluffy, there’s something fluffy to feel.  If it’s too rough, there’s a rough spot to feel.

After several pages, the child is wondering, “Will we ever find the bunny (or train) that belongs to us?  How will we know?”

The question, of course is resolved on the final page, complete with the reason it’s the narrator’s bunny (or train).

The beauty of these books is that Usborne has a great selection of titles in this series, with something to match the passion of every toddler – from animals, to trucks, to dolls and princesses.  These books make great baby gifts or birthday gifts for infants and toddlers.  A three- and four-year-old will enjoy reading them, but not as often as the one- and two-year-old.

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