Phoebe the Spy

Nearly every school-age child can tell you about General George Washington.  But could they tell you about the girl who saved his life?

Phoebe the Spy (originally titled Phoebe and the General) by Judith Berry Griffin tells the story of Phoebe, a girl in Boston who saved the general’s life during the Revolutionary War.

Phoebe is a free black girl whose father owns a local tavern where the patriots gather to make their plans.  Her father, Samuel, overhears a plot to kill General Washington, and dispatches Phoebe to uncover the plot.

Phoebe isn’t sure she can do what her father asks, but she’s willing to try.  After many months, she succeeds in uncovering the assassin – and saving General Washington’s life.

This engaging story is one every child studying American history should know.  Phoebe is a great example of hard work, courage and valuing someone’s life even though their principles don’t exactly line up with yours.  Phoebe the Spy is a short book you can read aloud to younger students.  Children who have a third-grade reading level or above will be able to read it to themselves.

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