Misty of Chincoteague

If the children in your life love horses, they will love Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.  (By the way, it’s pronounced chink-o-teeg)

The story follows Paul and Maureen, two children on Chincoteague Island in Virginia who desperately want to buy a wild horse from Assateaugue (ass-a-teeg) Island.  They work very hard, finding odd jobs to earn enough money to buy her.  But the horse they want, Phantom, has escaped the roundup men on Pony Penning Day.

Misty is based upon real events and real people.  Throughout the book, Henry’s penchant for research is evident, as well as her skill of weaving stories.  Misty is a glimpse into history – how did those ponies arrive on Assateague Island? – and also a story of dedication, love, heartbreak, freedom, community and family.

And if you’re wondering what happens next, thankfully Henry wrote a few sequels.

  • Misty of Chincoteague
  • Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague
  • Stormy, Misty’s Foal

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