Science Activities

I’ll admit, I am not a science mom.  I wish I were, because my boys are science whizzes and love it.  I, however, struggle to understand their junior-high-level science experiments.  (Honestly, I’ve given up.)

However, my children have all – even my non-sciency girls – really enjoyed The Usborne Book of Science Activities, all three volumes.  Each book includes experiments (simple ones!) to illustrate different scientific principles, along with explanations which elementary-age students (and their mother) can understand.

Volume One covers Science with Water, Magnets and Light & Mirrors.  Volume Two covers Science with Air, in the Kitchen and with Plants.  Volume Three covers Science with Batteries, with your Body and with Weather.

When any of my children want to do a science experiment or project, these are the books to which they turn.  I have to admit, after reading about batteries and electricity I said to my children, “Oh, NOW I understand!”

Whether you are a mom who loves science, or a mom who hates it, you and your children will enjoy any or all of these science books.  Especially if you’re adventuresome enough to do the experiments!

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