The Blackthorn Key

Christopher Rowe is training to be an apothecary in London under a master who he has learned to love. But when fellow apothecaries are murdered, he is thrown into solving a terrifying mystery - with the help of his good friend Tom. Exciting, with puzzles within puzzles. Great for reading or listening for older elementary... Continue Reading →

Down to Earth

Henry Bower loves rocks. He’s read about them, dug for them, studied them as much as possible - which is a lot, since he’s homeschooled. One night, he sees a meteorite fall from the sky - and it lands in his family’s field in rural Maine. What a day! He and his little sister, Birdie,... Continue Reading →


As a child, I thought science was a dull and boring subject.  I think it was because my childhood was missing fantastic science books - the kind that make kids sit up and take notice, and realize science is very interesting (though still not my favorite subject). Bones by Steve Jenkins is one of those... Continue Reading →

Science Activities

I'll admit, I am not a science mom.  I wish I were, because my boys are science whizzes and love it.  I, however, struggle to understand their junior-high-level science experiments.  (Honestly, I've given up.) However, my children have all - even my non-sciency girls - really enjoyed The Usborne Book of Science Activities, all three... Continue Reading →

Big Book of Science and Nature

My favorite science book of all-time is The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature by Stan and Jan Berenstain.  How can you resist learning science with the Berenstain Bears - especially from Professor Actual Factual, the Foremost Bear Scientist of His Time (as featured on the book cover)? This is a big book... Continue Reading →

Greg’s Microscope

Greg's Microscope by Milicent E. Selsam should carry a warning: "Causes intense desire for microscopes in children." This easy-to-read book explores the world found under a microscope slide from the perspective of a young boy.  He looks at salt, sugar and a myriad of other things in his house through his new microscope. His interest... Continue Reading →

Magic Tree House

We discovered the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne when my oldest was in kindergarten.  I have to admit, I was unsure how I would like them when we first checked them out of the library. But after reading the first book, Dinosaurs Before Dark, aloud to my children, I decided I had... Continue Reading →

Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes

Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes is the story of Louis Pasteur and how he discovered microbes.  I am not a scientist (by any stretch of the imagination), so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book - not to mention my children. It's a short little story, one that starts with the request of... Continue Reading →

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