I Pledge Allegiance

If the children in your life are anything like mine, they ask a lot of questions.  So many questions, that our first year of homeschooling consisted of me writing down my children’s questions, going to the library to check out books which would answer those questions, and reading them to my children.

I wish I had known about I pledge allegiance by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson then.  I remember struggling to explain the concept of ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ to my preschoolers.  And I realized that I wasn’t sure myself what ‘allegiance’ meant.

In I pledge allegiance, Martin and Sampson walk children through the American Pledge, explaining every concept. They define all the big words – including ‘pledge’ and ‘allegiance’ – and illustrate the concept of the United States and America.  Essentially, they explain the Pledge in such a way children will understand (and the adults too).

If you have been a bit fuzzy on what the American Pledge is about, and where it came from, I pledge allegiance will answer your questions.  Chris Raschka’s illustrations are a wonderful added bonus.

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