What are YOU so Grumpy About?

A few years ago, when my youngest was in kindergarten, author and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld visited my son’s school and talked to the students.  Since then, he has always looked for and enjoyed Lichtenheld’s books.

One of his favorite books is What are YOU so Grumpy About?.  This book is definitely a book to read aloud to your children.  Lichtenheld included the words in his illustrations, so they might be hard to read for beginning readers.  And you’ll want to giggle with your children over the many, many reasons why you might be grumpy, like:

Did you get a package on your birthday…

And it turned out to be boring stuff?  (picture of a boy holding up a pair of underwear, thinking ‘Oh poop!’ and an adult saying ‘Oh, that’s nice, honey, just what you need!’

Lichtenheld’s illustrations carry this book – I especially love the ones accompanying “Did Your brother sister touch you?” and “Did your gravy touch your peas?”  They make me laugh every, single time I read this book.  You need to read every part of this book, from the fly leaves (“Sure Cures for Grumpiness”) to the author’s bio (which pictures him as a ‘young grump’).  Even the back cover of the book is funny.

If you’re dealing with a young grump, or feeling grumpy yourself, What are YOU so Grumpy About? is a sure cure.  I highly recommend it!

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