Dark Life

In Dark Life, author Kat Falls introduces her readers to Ty, the first child to be born in Benthic Territory. He helps his parents & his sister on their subsea farm, and explores the rest of the continental shelf – and even parts of the open ocean, even though it’s dangerous.

Ty is more comfortable in the water, but sometimes he has to go to the Trade Station, where he meets a Topsider, Gemma, who is searching for her brother. That search takes them on an exciting, and dangerous, adventure through the subsea world.

Falls has clearly done her research, creating a realistic, somewhat ‘Wild West’ underwater world, with outlaws, pioneers, settlers, and a lack of lawmen.

While I don’t agree with a couple of basic assumptions she makes (global warming and world overpopulation), I’m willing to accept them to be a part of this new underwater world.

A friend of mine loaned me the galley print of Dark Life. When I was done, I immediately hunted down the sequel, Rip Tide at my library. I found both books gripping, entertaining, and just plain fun.

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