Chicken Sunday

I mentioned Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco in an earlier post about Polacco’s books. But I enjoy this book so much, it deserves it’s own recognition.

Chicken Sunday is a personal story from Polacco’s childhood in southern California. She and two brothers from her neighborhood are siblings, “by a solemn ceremony [they] had performed in [the boys’] backyard one summer.”

Sometimes Patricia went to church with the boys and Miss Eula, their grandmother. They would walk by Mr. Kodinski’s hat shop, and Miss Eula would sigh over the beautiful hats in the window.

The children hatch a plan to buy Miss Eula an Easter hat. But they need a way to earn money, so they talk with Mr. Kodinski – even though they are afraid of him.

Chicken Sunday is not only about children doing something nice for an adult, it’s also about learning to interact with, and become friends, with people of different races and nationalities.

And about making one special Miss Eula’s Easter dream come true.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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