Snow Treasure

Norway in winter seems insulated against the forces at work on the European mainland in 1940.

But then, Nazi paratroopers parachuted into the villages of Norway, and Peter Lundstrom and his friends are called into action.

Not to fight the Nazis, but to fool them. Peter and his friends work together with Peter’s uncle to slip nine million dollars in gold past Nazi guards – all on their sleds! But they were determined to keep the gold from the Nazis.

Will their daring plan work?

In the beginning of Snow Treasure, author Marie McSwigan tells about a real Norweigan freighter which carried $9 million in gold into the Baltimore harbor. The captain of the freighter told police that boys and girls had carried the gold past Nazi soldiers on their sleds, but refused to name the fjord from which he came to protect the children. No one knows if this story is true, but McSwigan turns it into a captivating book.

As a child, I read Snow Treasure over and over again. Now, my children are reading it over and over again.

Recommended for ages 8 and up. (Assuming a 4th-grade reading level.)

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