Children Make Terrible Pets

Anyone who has a child, or knows a child, or was a child, can remember the cajoling of finding an animal and wanting to keep it as a pet.

“Please?  Can I take it home and keep it?  I’ll take care of it, I promise!”

Author Peter Brown turns those experiences around in Children Make Terrible Pets.  Lucy, a bear practicing her twirls, find a child in the woods and takes it home to her mom.

“MOM! Look what I found outside!  I call him Squeaker because he makes funny sounds.  See, isn’t he the cutest?  Can I keep him, PLEASE?”

Can you guess what her Mom’s response is?

Even if you can, you’ll enjoy reading Children Make Terrible Pets to the children in your life.  The simple, bright illustrations will keep children’s attention, and the story line is funny – both for children and adults.  There are few words on each page, which makes it perfect bedtime reading for younger children.

Recommended for ages 2 through 7.

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