Queen of the Track

In 1948, London hosted the first Olympics held after World War II. Londoners, and the Olympic athletes, faced many problems. But none faced the challenges that Alice Coachman faced.

Queen of the Track by Heather Lang tells Coachman’s story – her journey from a poor black family in Georgia in the middle of segregation to Olympic winner in 1948.

Hers is a story of determination, persistence and sacrifice to do what she loved to do – run and jump. She played sports – when girls were expected to be dainty and pretty and do housework. She competed at the Tuskegee Relays as a seventh-grader, never having worn track shoes or jumped a real high-jump bar – and beat high school and college girls to win first place. And she kept her Olympic dream alive – despite the fact that the 1940 & 1944 games were cancelled because of the war.

Coachman’s story is inspiring – and Queen of the Track tells it beautifully.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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