My Little House books


When I first came across the My First Little House Books series, I was disgusted.  Is there no end to repackaging, marketing and otherwise destroying my favorite books?

But curiosity overcame my disgust and I picked up a variety of them and brought them home to read and evaluate.

I was pleasantly surprised at how tastefully these books are done.  Each book focuses on one particular story told in one of the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The publisher. HarperCollins, has done a beautiful job of staying true to the original story, and even the original illustrations.  Almost before I finished reading them, my children found them and asked me to read the books aloud.  I was happy to do so!

I even enjoyed the My Little House ABC and My Little House 123 books.  Illustrator Renee Graef illustrates these books with lovely pictures drawn in the style of Garth Williams, the most recent illustrator of the Little House on the Prairie series.  Each page includes an illustration and a sentence from one of the books in the series.

Highly recommended for ages 18 months (alphabet & counting books) to 7 years (first chapter books).

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