Grandfather’s Journey

Author Allen Say takes readers on a very personal journey in Grandfather’s Journey. Say recounts his grandfather’s journey from Japan to America, the wonders he saw and the adventures he had wandering America’s vast and differing land.

Say’s grandfather ended up moving to California. But as he grew older, he missed his homeland more and more, and took his family home to Japan.

Growing up, Say’s grandfather told him many stories of California, a land he missed even while he was in a land he loved. So, when Say grew up, he came to America, to California to see the land his grandfather loved for himself.

And now, Say understands his grandfather’s feeling of homesickness.

A poignant, beautifully-illustrated book, Grandfather’s Journey graciously explores the idea of bridging two cultures in words that children can understand.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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