The Peterkins’ Thanksgiving

In the midst of all the holiday preparations, I encourage you to sit down and enjoy The Peterkins’ Thanksgiving, adapted by Elizabeth Spurr from Lucretia P. Hale’s original story from 1880.

The large Peterkin family is ready to sit down to eat their delicious Thanksgiving feast. They are looking forward to the food their cook Amanda has prepared for them to enjoy.

But, alas! The dumbwaiter gets stuck between the kitchen and the dining room. What do to? The many heads come up with innovative solutions – but none work. Finally they decide to hire a carpenter, and after a series of, shall we say, unfortunate events, the carpenter finally makes it to their house.

He fixed the dumbwaiter without resorting to drastic measures the Peterkins thought were necessary.

And the Peterkins finally sit down to their Thanksgiving dinner – and share some rather funny puns.

This picture book is rather long, but Wendy Anderson Halperin’s illustrations and Spurr’s writing makes it worth the journey.

As an aside, this book doesn’t give any background to the family, or to their friend “The Lady from Philadelphia.” I found it enjoyable without knowing everything, but if you or your child is detail-oriented, you might want to read The Peterkins’ Christmas first for background.

Highly recommended for ages 4 (they won’t appreciate the puns, but will appreciate other humor) and up.

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