Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole

Stan & Jan Berenstain, creators of the beloved Berenstain Bears, didn’t realize what a hit those bears would be when they wrote and illustrated their first book together. So Stan wrote Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole as a follow up to that first Berenstain Bears book.

But because they were so popular, Stan filed the manuscript away and focused on writing more books about the bears. Recently, his wife Jan and their son discovered the manuscript in their basement, and decided to publish the story.

Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole follows a clueless penguin as he tries to find something to write about in his new journal. He thinks of all sorts of cool things he could write about, but they all happen behind his back, and he never sees them happening. So, at the end of the day, he writes, “Nothing happened today.”

Even though this book doesn’t feature those beloved bears, the essence is pure Berenstain, delightfully funny and enjoyable for early readers, and parents too.

Recommended for early readers, or as a read-aloud to ages 18 months to 5 years.

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