Little House Christmas

Generally, I am not a fan of repackaging beloved stories for marketing purposes, but I make an exception for the Little House story books.  (See my review of other Little House story books here.)

For the holidays, HarperCollins Publishers pulled out all the Christmas’s Laura Ingalls Wilder described in some of her Little House on the Prairie books, and compiled them into one rather long picture book, A Little House Christmas.  They kept all the original wording, and the original illustrations by Garth Williams.

For those unfamiliar with Wilder’s books, the publisher included short introductions to introduce readers to the characters and the settings.  The stories are arranged chronologically, so readers start with Christmas in the Big Woods, and move to Christmas on the Prairie and finish with the quite eventful Christmas on Plum Creek, which encompasses quite a few chapters.

Perfect for December bedtime reading (one chapter at a time), A Little House Christmas will bring back memories of when you first read the books, or introduce you to a series of books which should be required reading for every American.

And for Christmas enthusiasts, there’s even a second volume: A Little House Christmas, Volume II.

Recommended for ages 4 to adult.

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