The True Gift

In The True Gift by Patricia MacLachlan, Lily and Liam are glad to be at their grandparents’ farm, preparing for Christmas.  They are looking forward to reading lots of books, visiting the “lilac library” in town, and baking Christmas cookies.

But then Liam spots the White Cow in the meadow at Gran and Grandpa’s farm.  He wonders if White Cow is lonely, and starts thinking.  Lily tries to tell him she’s just a cow, but Liam doesn’t listen.  She just knows he’s going to ruin Christmas.

Slowly she comes around to his way of thinking, and decides to help him find a friend for White Cow.  Will White Cow have to spend Christmas alone?

The True Gift is a short story, perfect for children ready to read short chapter books.  If your child can read Sarah, Plain and Tall, she will be able to enjoy The True Gift.  Younger children will enjoy hearing the book read aloud, one chapter at a time.

Recommended for ages 4 (as a read-aloud) to 7 (as a reader) and up.

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