An Orange for Frankie

In the modern age of consumerism and materialism at Christmas, Patricia Polacco’s An Orange for Frankie tells a beautiful story of gratefulness and generosity.

Based upon Polacco’s own family history, the picture book tells the story of Frankie, the youngest boy in a large family.  It’s close to Christmas during the Great Depression, and the Stowell family is busy getting ready.  The highlight of the holiday are the nine oranges Pa brings home from the Florida train.  There’s big snowstorm, and the family is wondering if Pa will make it back in time to celebrate.

At the risk of ruining the story, Pa does make it in time, with the oranges.  As the family gets ready for the Christmas Eve pageant, Frankie can’t help but touch the oranges, disobeying his pa.

Then, to his horror, he loses his orange!  How will his parents & family react to his obedience?

Highly recommended for ages 4 and up.


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