This is Not My Hat

The small fish in This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen is very proud of the fact he has a hat.

But, as you can surmise from the title, the hat is not his. He took it from a much larger fish.

This tiny fish is confident that he can outwit the larger fish, especially once he reaches the tall plants.

But will he?

Klassen’s paper cut illustrations are simple, but effective just like his story. Each page has a large illustration and a few words – enough to keep the story moving and keep the attention of a young toddler. This book could also work as an easy reader for young readers.

But what happens to the small fish? Klassen leaves it to the reader to decide.

Let’s just say, crime does not pay.

Recommended for ages 2 (as a read-aloud) – 8 (depending upon reading level).

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