The Paper Crane

Fairy tales teach us consequences, moral character, or how to deal with change.  The Paper Crane by Molly Bang, is a modern fairy tale that focuses on dealing with change.

A man’s restaurant is busy, and he is happy – until a new highway is built which drives traffic away from his business.  His sorrow is evident, his customers are non-existent and he’s about to close his restaurant.

Until a stranger comes into the restaurant.  So happy to have a customer, even one who cannot pay, the owner and his son treat the stranger to a dinner fit for royalty.  To repay them for their kindness, the stranger creates a crane from a paper napkin.

The crane brings fame and business to the restaurant, allowing the man to keep his business and do what he loves most – feed people.  And then the stranger returns…

A sweet story with interesting paper-cut illustrations. Recommended for ages 3 – 8.

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