All My Noble Dreams

We first met Rosalind in Small Acts of Amazing Courage, also by Gloria Whelan.  In All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens, we are back in India with Rosalind, her parents and her aunts during the turbulent times of the 1920’s.  Rosalind’s ‘adopted’ baby is doing well in the orphanage, where her Aunt Louise volunteers, much to Aunt Ethyl’s disgust.

Then circumstances change for the baby’s parents, and they want their son back.  Rosalind fights the decision, they had sold him to a beggar!, and struggles with making the right decision.  Then she discovers that the Prince of Wales is coming to India to visit, and her father’s regiment is to greet him!

These circumstances bring in more decisions Rosalind has to make, some of them more difficult than others.  She has some exciting adventures in Calcutta and back in England, and through it all she grows up even more, trying to reconcile the two worlds in which she resides – British India and the real India.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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