The Last Treasure

Ellsworth Duncan has an interesting family history.  He’s heard all about it, even though he lives across the country from the square where his father grew up.

Then comes the invitation to return to the square to hunt down the last treasure of his great-great-great… grandfather John Matthew Smith.  The family is in trouble, and only a child can discover the treasure John Matthew has hidden in a house on the square.

Ellsworth returns to find lots more secrets hidden in the square.  The riddle requires the whole family to work together, even the cousins who weren’t talking, Ellsworth’s reclusive grandfather – but will they put aside their differences to rediscover their common roots?

Interesting and mysterious, The Last Treasure by Janet S. Anderson will hold your attention to the end.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Side note: The book opens with the ghost of John Matthew haunting the square and Ellsworth & his distant cousin Jessica have strange dreams.  John Matthew’s ghost doesn’t factor into the rest of the story, and I’m not bothered by the strange dreams which cause the children to take action – it happens in real life too.

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