Emily’s Fortune

Emily lives a very quiet life.  She never runs, never shouts, and hardly plays.  She lives with her mother and the wealthy Miss Luella Nash, who doesn’t like noise at all.

But then, Emily finds herself alone in the world, after a horrible carriage accident.  And suddenly, everyone wants to make decisions for her – the neighbor ladies, Miss Catchum – the owner of Catchum Child-Catching Services, even her uncle.  Emily wants to go live with her Aunt Hilda, and the neighbors help her escape the clutches of Miss Catchum.

But her awful Uncle Victor is hot on her trail, as is Miss Catchum.

With the help of a fellow traveler, Jackson, Emily slowly finds her courage, her confidence and her voice – and together they outwit Uncle Victor.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, who also wrote Faith, Hope & Ivy June, returns with a completely different type of story and a completely different heroine in Emily’s Fortune.  Both boys and girls will enjoy this series (yay!), written for children ready for short chapter books.

Recommended for ages 5 (as a read-aloud) to 10 (as a reader).

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