Bananas in My Ears

Over my toes
the soft sea wash
see the sea wash
the soft sand slip
see the sea slip
the soft sand slide
see the sea slide
the soft sand slap
see the sea slap
the soft sand wash
over my toes.

Readers will find fun, rhyming poems, silly stories and funny illustrations in Michael Rosen’s Bananas in My Ears.  The book includes four smaller books, one about breakfast, one about the sea, one about the doctor’s office and one about bedtime.  Rosen follows a similar format for each ‘book’, which includes ‘What If?’ Poems, ‘Things We Say’ and a story about siblings Nat and Anna.

This book is fun to read to yourself – I was laughing out loud! But sharing with friends and family is more fun because you all laugh together.

This book would not be the same without Quentin Blake’s lively, light and fun illustrations.  It’s obvious the two (author & illustrator) worked very closely together in creating this book.

Highly recommended for ages 3 (as a read-aloud) and up.

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