Emily of New Moon

If you love Ann of Green Gables, you will enjoy reading L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon trilogy.

Emily is a spirited, imaginative girl – quite similar to Anne.  But while readers meet Anne as an orphan, readers share in Emily’s shock when her beloved father dies.  She soon discovers her lot is to move to New Moon Farm to live with Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura and Cousin Jimmy.

You can imagine Aunt Elizabeth is quite strict, while Aunt Laura is very loving (when not under the watchful eye of Aunt Elizabeth) and Cousin Jimmy is a friend, who shares his poetry with Emily.

Emily is delightful, learns many lessons from all the adults in her life, and finds comfort in cuddling cats. As much as I love Anne (of Green Gables), I do think Emily (of New Moon) is my favorite between the two.

Highly recommended for ages 13 and up.

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