The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away From Home

Almost every child has harbored the desire to run away from home. For those who haven’t worked up the courage to do so, Jennifer Larue Huget’s The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away From Home will help.

Or will it?

The main character is running away from home. He has many reasons to do so, and while he explains the fine art of running away, readers learn what they are.

As he prepares for his journey, he gives generous tips on packing, saying good-bye to pets, and writing a note to parents.

Readers follow him out of the house, wondering where he’s headed.  Good question!  He wonders too.

In the end he goes home, warning his family to treat him well, or he will definitely run away again.

Huget’s engaging writing kept me turning pages, and Red Nose Studio’s artwork arrested my attention. His 3D clay (?) art is mesmerizing – photographic-like, with blurred edges and beautiful lighting,with occasional line drawings to emphasize the story.

Recommended for ages 4 – 10.

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