Maria: A Christmas Story

The whole town of San Lorenzo is preparing for the annual Christmas parade.  Eleven-year-old Maria Gonzaga listens longingly to her friends’ plans for their floats.  Their families are hiring designers to create breath-taking floats – and Maria longs to participate.

But San Lorenzo’s parade has long been for the wealthy Anglo ranchers, not the Mexican-Americans.

Suddenly, Maria decides this year will be different.  This year her family will participate.

Her family is horrified – how can they compete with the wealthy ranchers?  They will be the laughingstock of the town!

At almost the last minute, an idea forms…

Maria: A Christmas Story by Theodore Taylor is a story of overcoming economic and cultural barriers, and discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

Highly recommended for ages 4 and up (as a read-aloud); ages 8 and up (as a reader).

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