The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

Author and illustrator Chris Van Allsburg specializes in the dreamy, the spectacular, and the wondrous.  His picture book, The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, is no exception.

Alan is all set to care for Miss Hester’s dog while she visits her sister.   He plays with Fritz until he’s completely worn out, then takes him for an afternoon walk.

While on the walk, Fritz slips off the leash and runs into the magician’s garden – which has a sign expressly forbidding dogs.  Alan chases after him, but loses him in the massive garden.

Suddenly, the magician appears.  Alan is terrified.  What has happened to Fritz?  The magician declares he’s turned Fritz into a duck.

Alan is horrified.  What will Miss Hester say?  But when he reaches Miss Hester’s house, there’s Fritz!

What really happened?  Miss Hester’s simple explanation?  Or was Fritz really a duck?

Highly recommended for ages 4 – 10.

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