Knights of the Kitchen Table – The Time Warp Trio series

Author Jon Scieszka has a gift for writing books that he would love to read.  The more excellent news is that lots of children – especially boys – love to read his books too.

For boys ready for short chapter books, I’ve found the pickings quite slim – especially if you’re not into the latest movie phenomenon or cartoon characters.

Scieszka saw an opening, and has written a series boys (and girls) will greatly enjoy: The Time Warp Trio.

Modern-day Joe and his two friends, Sam and Fred, suddenly find themselves in medieval England.  Their lives are in danger as the Black Knight tries to run them down.  Their success in avoiding certain death makes them cocky, and they end up on many crazy adventures, eventually helping King Arthur with a problem at his castle.

They do make it back to their kitchen table (where it all began), but their trouble doesn’t end there.  Mom is on the warpath, they are right in her way.

Fun, humorous and full of adventure, these books will keep most young readers entertained.

Highly recommended for ages 6 and up (depending on reading level).

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