As a child, I thought science was a dull and boring subject.  I think it was because my childhood was missing fantastic science books – the kind that make kids sit up and take notice, and realize science is very interesting (though still not my favorite subject).

Bones by Steve Jenkins is one of those books.  In this large picture book, Jenkins discusses (obviously), bones.  All sorts of bones.  Human bones, elephant bones, mice bones, giraffe bones, bird bones.

He categorizes them into different groups – arms, support bones, etc. – and compares all different kinds of animals in a two-page spread so children can immediately see the similarities and the differences between species.

In the center of the book, he shows all the bones in the human body disassembled.  And then in a huge fold-out section, he shows the human skeleton.

I found myself fascinated with this book – interesting & accurate paper cut models, with just enough text to explain them without being boring.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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