Scatterbrain Sam

Sam is rather scatterbrained.  The townsfolk say his brains are scattered all over the place.

Finally, Sam grows tired of all the talking, and heads to the ‘widder on the hill’ for a solution.

She starts cooking up a potion, and asks Sam to gather the ingredients.  He’s reluctant to give up some of the necessary ingredients, so the ‘widder’ gives him a riddle.

Those riddles are nearly too much for poor Sam to figure out.  Fortunately, he has the help of the lovely Maizie Mae.  Eventually, the potion is finished – with some unexpected (of course!) results.

A Welsh tale inspired Ellen Jackson’s story of Scatterbrain Sam, although she changed it considerably from the original story.  I like her Glue Stew, and love the accompanying illustrations from Matt Faulkner – very realistic but with plenty of touches of whimsy to capture the imagination of children and adults.

Recommended for ages 3 – 8.

Side note: The ‘widder on the hill’ looks like a ‘conjure-woman’ from the Louisiana bayou.  In this book, she seems pretty harmless, but if you have issues with ‘conjure-women’ or witches or the like, please preview this title before reading it with your children.

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