The Lion Who Stole My Arm

Pedru lives in the African bush.  He and his friends fish for their families every day, and his village grow crops for food.

He and his friends and neighbors also live in fear… of lions.

One day, Pedru makes an impulsive, and foolish, decision, which costs him his arm.  He wants to take revenge on that lion, and works with his father to do just that.  But instead of his lion, Pedru and his father kill a different lion.

One with a collar.

This begins a journey for Pedru and his village – working with Westerners who want to save these fearsome creatures.  Pedru and his village cannot understand why.

Eventually, he faces a difficult choice.  He can kill the lion who stole his arm, or not.  What will he do?

Author Nicola Davies does describe Pedru’s encounter with the lion in The Lion Who Stole My Arm – and she does it with grace and minimal detail, which is perfect for elementary school readers.

Highly recommended for ages 6 – 10, depending on reading ability.

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