A Walk in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city (I’m told – I’ve haven’t been there yet), one that people of all ages can enjoy.   Children and parents alike will enjoy A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubbino, a beautifully illustrated picture book which gives an overview of the city from a little girl’s perspective.

Even though I’ve never been there, I appreciated the colorful, and accurate, drawings of the famous places in the city – including Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Latin Quarter.  Sprinkled throughout the pages are small notes about what makes each place special, French phrases and other interesting information.

My favorite section of the book was the view from the Chimera Gallery in Notre Dame – I felt like I got a glimpse of what the city really looks like.  Even though the illustrations lean towards cartoon rather than realistic, I’ve seen enough pictures of the real places to appreciate the accuracy of Rubbino’s drawings.

If you’re traveling to Paris, this would be a good book to study with your children before, during, and after your travels.  And if you’ve never been, you’ll still enjoy reading through this book.

And look for Rubbino’s other books in the series A Walk in New York and A Walk in London.

Recommended for ages 3 – 8.

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  1. Cute book! I’ve seen the “This is…[Paris, etc] series by Miroslav Sasek, but I like the illustrations in this series even better. Love the muted tones, and the scenes are more detailed. Thanks for sharing.


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