Shadow of a Bull

Manolo has grown up in his father’s shadow.  His father, the great bullfighter Juan Olivar, was killed during a fight when Manolo was just a small child.  But Juan is never far from Manolo’s thoughts – the old men in his village won’t let him forget.  He must always remember his father was the greatest bullfighter.  They believe that Manolo will carry on his father’s legacy.  Everyone believes it.

Except Manolo.

Will he have the courage to follow his own dreams and interests?  Or will he allow public opinion to force him into the ring – and into the life of a bullfighter?

Beautiful, thought-provoking and courageous, Shadow of a Bull by Maia Wojcichowska is not only the story of bullfighting, but of any child growing up in the shadow of a famous or charismatic parent.

Recommended for ages 9 – 15.

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