One Came Home

Georgie knows that her sister is not dead. She believes it with all her heart – even after the sheriff brings back a body with long auburn hair wearing her sister’s ballgown. Even after her mother identifies the body as Agatha, Georgie’s sister. Even after the whole town turns out for Agatha’s funeral. Georgie refuses to believe her beloved sister is dead.

So she decides to follow Agatha’s path to prove that she is alive. But the farther she goes outside of town, the more she wonders if she is right. Is her sister still alive? Or was her mother right?

One Came Home by Amy Timberlake is a moving story about the love-hate relationship between two sisters, and regrets experienced. Timberlake does a great job of expressing the frustrations of younger sisters, and older sisters, in the relationship between Georgie and Agatha. This story is full of surprise, suspense and scares – but no worries, it does have a happy… well maybe bittersweet is a better word… ending.

I listened to One Came Home, and really enjoyed it. Tara Sands narrates the book. I love Sands, but for the first half-hour of the book, I kept confusing Georgie with P.K. Pinkerton, since Sands narrates that book too – and with the same accent. Which doesn’t make sense since PK Pinkerton is set in Utah, but One Came Home is set in northern Wisconsin.

Highly recommended for ages 10 and up.

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