Stone Fox

This short book by John Reynolds Gardiner must have been a reader for my children when we were homeschooling, because I don’t ever remember reading it before this morning.

Little Willy is concerned for his grandfather, who suddenly took to his bed and quit talking and laughing with Willy.

Doc Smith says nothing is wrong with his body. He’s just given up on life. 10yo Little Willy is determined to make Grandfather well again.

His quest involves harvesting the potatoes on their farm on his own, selling the crop, and dealing with an unexpected problem which lands, quite literally, on his doorstep.

He decides to take a huge risk, reluctantly supported by loyal friends and unexpectedly supported by an unlikely ally.

Gardiner’s simple word choice emphasizes Willy’s predicament and determination, despite some opposition of the adults around him. The ending brought tears to my eyes.

Highly recommended for ages seven and up.

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