The Island of Dr. Libris

Note: I wrote this review about six years ago, and am just publishing it now.

I have to admit, my youngest (11yo) has been finding the best audiobooks at our library. And fortunately, he is willing to share with me.

His latest find is The Island of Dr. Libris, by Chris Crabenstein, performed by Kirby Heyborne.

Billy is spending the summer at Dr. Libris’ lake house with his mom. He is glad to be there, except that his dad is back home. And his mom is working on her dissertation in math. So Billy is on his own, with plenty of time to worry about his parents’ marriage.

He’d be easily distracted if the house only had wi-fi, a TV, or something. The only thing sort of interesting is Dr. Libris’ library, with shelves of books locked behind glass doors.

Once he figures out how to open it, strange things start happening. And once he starts reading, even stranger things start happening.

My kids and I loved this book – a mash-up of classical children’s literature, including Hercules, Robin Hood, and Pollyanna. Many time we laughed hard, gasped in suspense, and couldn’t wait to figure out exactly what was happening.

Highly recommended for ages 8 and up.

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