Murder is Bad Manners

Life at an English boarding school can be so boring. Hazel Wong has discovered that. She’s actually rather OK with boring, but her friend Daisy Wells is not. Daisy has been in trouble for reading mystery novels, but that doesn’t stop her.

Daisy convinces Hazel to start a secret detective agency at school. But they struggle to find anything to investigate.

Then Hazel discovers one of their teachers’ body on the gym floor. She runs for help, but by the time she, Daisy and other teachers return to the gym, the body has disappeared. Now, she and Daisy not only have to solve a murder, but also prove that one happened in the first place.

Murder is Bad Manners by Robin Stevens is a delightful read. Stevens wrote this book from Hazel’s perspective, which is fun to read. Hazel isn’t really the most reliable narrator – she rather worships Daisy, despite how mean Daisy is to her. But Hazel is sweet and tries really hard.

The good news is that the second book in this series is now available! Poison is Not Polite brings another mystery the girls’ way, but this time at Daisy Wells estate. The girls are in a real pickle this time, because Daisy’s family members are the main suspects, which causes many problems between Daisy and Hazel. This book is equally delightful as the first, with plenty of action, questions, and, of course, squabbles.

Note: since I wrote this book review, Stevens has written at least two more in the series – all of which I recommend. This series is a favorite of mine!

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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