The Lost Track of Time

Penelope’s life is scheduled down to the minutes. Even her summers. Her mom is an efficiency expert, and her dad follows the family schedule because it makes his life easier. Penelope feels quite alone in her wish for more free time, time to moodle, think and dream. But her mother’s scheduling makes it impossible.

Until one day, her mother turns the page in her calendar, and discovers it’s empty. Completely free. Penelope is ecstatic to find a free day. She quickly rips the page out of the calendar and runs to her friend’s house to discuss it with her.

There she loses track of time. Literally. What follows is a clever parable about time, possibilities and the battle for control of both.

I enjoyed what author Paige Britt did in this book – the clever plays on words, homonyms and synonyms are delightful. I listened to the book, and I think I would enjoyed it more if I had read it. Narrator Jennifer Jiles is fine, but a bit shrill at times. And it’s hard to follow the word plays without being able to see them.

I wouldn’t put this book in the exact same category with The Phantom Tollbooth, nevertheless it is a fun book.

Highly recommended for ages 8 and up. Younger children may enjoy hearing it read, but won’t understand the word plays as well as older children.

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