Pieces of Why

When I picked up this audiobook in the library, I misread the title. I thought it was Pieces of Sky. Which explains my confusion during the first few chapters of the book.

Confusion aside, Pieces of Why by K.L. Going follows the story of Tia, a twelve-year-old singer in New Orleans. Tia and her best friend Keisha sing in a gospel choir. Ms. Marian wants this choir to help build bridges in the New Orleans area – a rainbow choir to show how everyone can get along.

Tia is the choir’s star singer. She loves to sing, and sings all the time.

Until the night at choir rehearsal when the sound of gunshots set the entire choir running to the church basement.

Now Tia can’t sing. She has questions. Questions about the shooting. Questions about her own father, in prison for armed robbery. She hasn’t seen him since she was four. Questions for her mother, who is trying to hold their life together.

As Tia tries to make sense of the violence, and of her own life, she starts making enemies – even her former best friend. But asking the questions also brings relief, and hope, from unlikely sources.

Highly recommended for ages 9 and up.

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