The Naturals

Cassie Barnes can read people. She can tell who people are and what people want from the tiniest details. At 17, she uses this skill to earn better tips when waitressing, and to stay on the good side of her very large family.

But the FBI has other plans. They’re putting together a team, called the Naturals. These teens work together to solve cold cases. Their skills range from profiling to statistics to reading emotions. And they’re all living together in the same Washington, DC house.

But not everything is as it seems. Cassie is being stalked by a serial killer, one that seems to know her better than anyone else. The teams comes together to keep her safe – but can they?

One review of The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes calls it ‘the Criminal Minds for the YA world.’ I find that analogy quite accurate. The Naturals is not as explicit as Criminal Minds – perhaps reading about crimes instead of watching them helps provide more distance.

If Criminal Minds is not a show you enjoy, you may want to skip this book / series. If, like me, you enjoyed Criminal Minds until it got way too creepy, you might enjoy The Naturals. If you love the show, you’ll enjoy the book.

Recommended for ages 14 and up, depending on readers’ sensitivities.

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