The Blue Sword

Harry Crewe had to leave everything she knew when her father died. She said farewell to the green, rolling hills of her home to move to the desert, a charity case of a friend of her brother’s.

There, she’s caught up in the political drama playing out between the Homelanders and the magical Free Hillfolk – which is, in Harry’s mind, much more interesting than fulfilling the social expectations of high-born Homelander women.

That drama takes her on a journey she never expected – and puts her front and center in saving the desert country from invaders.

I wasn’t sure about The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley – all the talk of magic and war on the back cover was rather off-putting for me. However, I loved Robin McKinley’s Beauty and my daughter continues to urge me to read her Outlaws of Sherwood (which I will, some day), so I decided to trust the author and read it.

Oh – I am so glad I did! Exciting, somewhat unbelievable yet never over-the-top, The Blue Sword also concludes a subtle romance that does not disappoint.

Highly recommended for ages 13 and up.

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